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Proposed Residential Development in Upper Coomera Sparks Community Discussion

By Brianna Fullick
A newly lodged development application is causing a stir in Upper Coomera, proposing the construction of 150 townhouses on a 3.13-hectare site previously occupied by bushland adjacent to Assisi Catholic College. The project details include 49 four-bedroom homes and 101 three-bedroom homes, with the main entrance planned directly opposite the Coomera Anglican College Pool.

Sold in October 2023, the land is notably close to shops, and within a ten-minute drive from twelve educational institutions, including primary, secondary, and tertiary facilities. The site is also near proposed locations for a new Gold Coast public hospital and a private hospital, potentially boosting its appeal to prospective residents.

Peter Catanzariti, the Director of Ray White CFG, recognizes both the benefits and challenges of the proposed development. “This proposed development could significantly contribute to meeting the growing housing needs in Upper Coomera,” Catanzariti stated. However, he also expressed concerns about the broader implications of the development, particularly regarding local traffic conditions. “However, it will greatly impact on traffic in the very busy school precinct,” he added, highlighting a critical area of concern for current residents and planners.Milad Poursh, a Ray White CFG Upper Coomera agent, shared similar sentiments, focusing on the logistical challenges the development might introduce. “While the proposal is close to essential facilities, I am concerned with the impact on traffic, as are most residents,” Poursh noted. The potential increase in traffic could strain the already busy routes around local educational institutions, affecting daily commutes and school-related activities.

The development is still in the proposal stage and has yet to receive approval. Community members are encouraged to participate in the consultation process to express their thoughts and concerns about the project’s impact on their community.

Poursh also mentioned the economic implications of the development on local real estate prices. “If you would like to know how this development could impact house prices, I’m always happy to chat,” he stated, indicating a willingness to provide further insights based on his real estate expertise.

Residents and stakeholders who wish to learn more or express their opinions on the proposed development are encouraged to engage in the ongoing public consultation process.

For further information or to comment on the proposed development, click here.

This development represents a significant change for Upper Coomera, promising new housing opportunities but also posing challenges that need careful consideration to ensure the community’s needs are met.

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