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Proposed High-Rise Development in Pimpama Sparks Community Interest

By Brianna Fullick
Pimpama, QLD — In a move that could significantly alter the skyline of Pimpama, Urbis Ltd has lodged a development application on behalf of Escape Homes Pty Ltd to construct an 11-storey apartment block at 12-16 Old Pacific Highway. The proposed development, situated directly across the road from the new Pimpama Train Station, aims to bring modern living spaces and community amenities to the rapidly growing suburb.

Details of the Proposed Development
The proposed high-rise will feature 60 residential apartments, offering a diverse mix of one, two, and three-bedroom units. Notably, the development includes six apartments specifically designed as Residential Care Facility apartments under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), ensuring accessible housing options for individuals with disabilities.

Community amenities are a highlight of the proposal, with plans for a swimming pool, BBQ area, communal recreation room, and a gymnasium. These facilities aim to foster a sense of community among residents and provide spaces for social interaction and recreation.

Parking and Transportation
The development plan includes provision for 85 car parking spaces and 65 bicycle spaces, catering to the needs of both motorists and cyclists. The proximity to the new Pimpama Train Station is expected to encourage the use of public transport, reducing the reliance on cars and contributing to a more sustainable community.

Height and Zoning Considerations
One of the key aspects of the proposal is the requested height increase. The current allowable height limit for the location is 27 metres, which typically accommodates buildings up to nine storeys. However, the developers have sought approval to extend the height to 34.81 metres, translating to an 11-storey structure. This request for a height variance will need to be carefully reviewed by the local council, balancing the benefits of increased housing density with the potential impact on the surrounding area.

Community Impact and Feedback
The proposed development has generated significant interest and some concern among local residents and stakeholders in the real estate northern Gold Coast market. Proponents argue that the new high-rise will provide much-needed housing and modern amenities, supporting the ongoing growth and development of Pimpama.

Local real estate agencies like Ray White CFG and Pimpama real estate professionals have noted the potential benefits of increased housing options in the area. The inclusion of NDIS apartments has been particularly well-received by local property managers, as it aligns with broader goals of creating inclusive and accessible communities.

Peter Catanzariti, the Director of Ray White CFG, commented on the development, saying, “This proposed high-rise represents a significant opportunity for Pimpama. The proximity to the new train station and the inclusion of modern amenities and NDIS apartments make it a valuable addition to our community. At Ray White CFG, we see this project as a positive step forward, addressing the growing demand for diverse housing options in the area.”

However, some residents have expressed concerns about the potential impact on local infrastructure and services. Increased population density could strain existing roads, schools, and healthcare facilities. Additionally, the request for a height increase has raised questions about the visual impact on the suburb’s character and whether it sets a precedent for future developments.

Pimpama Real Estate Market Insights
Real estate experts and Pimpama property managers have observed a steady demand for residential properties in the area. This proposed high-rise development is seen as a potential boost to the Pimpama real estate market, offering a variety of living options that cater to different needs and preferences.

The strategic location near the Pimpama Train Station is a significant advantage, making the development attractive to commuters and enhancing its appeal within the broader real estate northern Gold Coast market. Property managers and real estate agents are closely monitoring the project, anticipating its impact on property values and rental demand in the area.

The Pimpama real estate market has been on an upward trajectory, with increasing interest from both investors and homebuyers. The suburb’s growth is fuelled by its strategic location, affordability compared to other parts of the Gold Coast, and ongoing infrastructure development. The addition of the new train station has further enhanced Pimpama’s connectivity, making it a desirable location for those working in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Environmental and Infrastructure Considerations
As with any significant development, environmental and infrastructure considerations are paramount. The developers have assured that the design will incorporate sustainable practices and green building technologies to minimise environmental impact. This includes efficient water management systems, energy-saving measures, and the use of eco-friendly materials.

In terms of infrastructure, the development will inevitably add to the local population, which may put additional pressure on existing services. The council will need to assess whether current infrastructure can support this growth or if further investments are necessary. This includes evaluating the capacity of local roads, public transport, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Community feedback during the consultation period will be crucial in highlighting these concerns and ensuring they are addressed. Residents are encouraged to voice their opinions and contribute to the planning process, ensuring that the development meets the needs of the community while maintaining the area’s

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