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Who says you can’t sell at Christmas time?

By Rachel Devery

With the Gold Coast emerging from what can only be described as one of the most significant phases of property value growth in its history, The Ray White Catanzariti Family Group aren’t packing away their A-frames just yet—in fact they’re gearing up for this season’s holiday boom; and it is expected to be even louder this year.

Every year, the Gold Coast real estate market experiences a slight increase before Christmas, with locals snapping up properties, hoping to be under contract before Santa arrives. While the market expects a repeat of the trend this year, significant focus has shifted to the impact of Gold Coast tourists this holiday season.

According to Destination Gold Coast, travellers who once feared crossing the borders to our glitzy Gold Coast, are expected to bolt across them this year, seeking sunshine, excitement, and adventure.

‘The Christmas holidays were the ones that they really missed,’ said Rachel Hancock, Head of Stakeholders & Strategy at Destination Gold Coast .

This is great news for the real estate industry with the influx of curious sunseekers also predicted to create opportunities for sellers. According to The Ray White Catanzariti Family Group Director, Peter Catanzariti, it is an opportunity that on-the-fence sellers should take advantage of.

‘Selling at Christmas time can sometimes be a hassle, but with a lot of tourists expected on the northern Gold Coast this year, it is a really good time to be on the market’, he said.

With the Christmas selling season expected to be a big one, The Team at the Catanzariti Family Group are energised and ready to take on one of the busiest selling seasons the northern Gold Coast has seen in years. The Group has also seen a massive spike in locals taking advantage of what they refer to as a ‘list now, sell later’ strategy.

‘We have a number of local families getting their properties photographed, filmed, and listed now, so they can relax over the Christmas period, and then be ready to hit the market with the first open homes not happening until the new year,’ Peter said.

Peter indicated that the Groups’ selling agents will be working longer in December to get properties ready for big auction events that will be held in January. It is anticipated that the ‘list now, sell later’ strategy will align well with the tourism calendar, with eager holidaymakers expected to roll in to auction events, ready to ‘snatch up their own piece of the northern Gold Coast,’ he said.

With the holidays approaching fast, all signs certainly point towards Santa delivering a true sellers’ market this year, and it is expected that it will continue well into the New Year.

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