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Tips on designing your dream kitchen

We all know that the kitchen is the hub of the house. It’s one of the most occupied rooms in the home and where much of a family’s connection time happens. Whether you are renovating to sell, or renovating just to improve the general appeal of your kitchen, there are a number of ideas that you should take into consideration.

The first thing to consider when renovating your kitchen is the layout. Some kitchens will be designed in a triangle layout, where the sink and prep areas are in one section, the oven in another and the fridge in a third spot. Other kitchens with feature a prep zone, cooking zone, storage zone and cleaning zone, but this often requires more space. It is best to design the layout based on how much space you have.

Another idea to consider when renovating your kitchen is the colours and materials you think would best suit your home. Cabinets come in all types of colours and designs but some of the more popular ones are vinyl wrap, laminate or timber.  Cabinet handles are another thing to consider. There are a range of difference types including knobs, pull handles, chrome, gloss, matte, black, white, coloured, nickel and more.

Splashbacks are also a very important aspect of kitchen design. Many people choose tiles or glass as they are both practical. If your cabinets are plain and you wish to use tiles for the splashback, it may be an idea to go for a smaller tile to add some texture to the kitchen design and vice versa is you have cabinet doors that have patterns.

The final idea to take into consideration when renovating your kitchen is the benchtops. Stone is the best option, but is more expensive. Some cheaper options are laminate or wooden benchtops.

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