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Pacific Motorway (M1) Exit 57 – Oxenford Interchange Upgrade

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is undertaking an upgrade of the Exit 57 Oxenford Interchange on the Pacific Motorway (M1).

The project will deliver a number of safety benefits to motorists using the M1 and the surrounding local road network, including Tamborine-Oxenford Road and Hope Island Road.

The upgrade will deliver traffic efficiencies through the inclusion of additional traffic and turning lanes, and will prioritise clearing of the M1 off-ramps to help traffic move off the 110km/h section of the M1, reducing the risk of crashes on the M1. The Queensland Government has committed $25 million to upgrade the Exit 57 Interchange.

The upgrade will feature:

  • additional eastbound and westbound lanes through the interchange to improve traffic flow and ease congestion at peak hours
  • additional turning lanes to improve traffic flow
  • retaining existing on-road cycle lanes and providing new on-road cycle lanes to improve cyclist safety
  • a reduction in congestion along the Old Pacific Highway (northbound) through the removal of the right turn to Tamborine-Oxenford Road
  • improved traffic flow along Heathwood Drive through the removal of the right turn from Heathwood Drive to Tamborine-Oxenford Road
  • retaining solar panel infrastructure, which will be reinstated once construction is complete.
  • Project background:

    The Exit 57 – Oxenford Interchange is located at the junction of the Pacific Motorway (M1), Hope Island Road and Tamborine-Oxenford Road. Since the interchange opened 20 years ago, Oxenford and the surrounding suburbs have experienced exponential growth in residential, commercial and industrial developments.

    Rapidly expanding commercial and industrial areas are located close to the interchange along Old Pacific Highway to the west, and Dreamworld Parkway and Siganto Drive to the east. The interchange also services Hope Island’s growing residential population.

    Congestion at the interchange is impacting the efficient and safe operation of the M1, which also has an impact on freight reliability and transit times for all motorway users.

    During morning and afternoon peak periods, heavy traffic congestion at the interchange and adjacent intersections has significant impacts on the surrounding road network, including Hope Island Road and Tamborine-Oxenford Road. Currently,
    right turn movements from the Old Pacific Highway (northbound) and Heathwood Drive (southbound) are causing congestion on these roads and are increasing congestion through the interchange.

    During the afternoon peak, traffic congestion results in motorists having to queue along the M1 to access the interchange off-ramps.

    This project aims to improve traffic flow through the interchange, alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety for all motorists. Traffic flow at adjacent intersections will also improve, with right turns from the Old Pacific Highway (northbound) and Heathwood Drive (southbound) removed to reduce congestion in these areas and improve traffic flow through the interchange. Southbound traffic from Heathwood Drive will instead use the Old Pacific Highway and Leo Graham Way to access Tamborine-Oxenford Road. Northbound traffic from the Old Pacific Highway will instead use Leo Graham Way and Tamborine-Oxenford Road to the enter the interchange.

    Key project timeframes:

    TMR recently completed the business case phase of the project which resulted in Queensland Government funding of $25 million being allocated to the project.

    The project is currently in the detailed design phase.

    What happens next?

    The design for the Exit 57 Interchange upgrade is anticipated to be completed by mid-2019. As part of the design process, feedback provided by local residents, businesses and property owners, is considered. The project team is also engaging with local businesses and stakeholders who may be impacted by the planned changes. Following the completion of the design process, early construction work is expected to commence in late 2019. Local residents, business and stakeholders will receive further information about the construction process and timing prior to the commencement of construction.

    Credit: This article is from the Queensland Government. 

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